Water Damage to Your Home or Business?

If you experience flooding at your home or business due to a burst pipe or natural disaster, water damage restoration will be necessary. Our water damage restoration services completely dry out your space, leaving it as if there was never a flood in the first place.

Water Damage Restoration in Eastern Connecticut

We’ve been trusted with some of the largest water damage restoration jobs in the area.


Burst pipes can cause a large amount of flooding in your home. Once the burst pipe has been fixed, our water damage restoration team can take care of the water damage left behind by drying out your space.


Mold is one of the main results of water damage. Black mold is extremely toxic and detrimental to your health. Our mold removal experts detect and extract mold from even the deepest layers of your foundation.


We extract water and use industry-grade fans to dry out your property during water mitigation. This prevents the growth of black mold, and allows us to continue with the proper restoration needs afterwards.


Flooding is often caused by a natural disaster, such as flash flooding or a hurricane. No matter the cause of your flooding, we are capable of performing the proper cleanup and restoration procedures.

Allow Us to Handle Your Water Damage Restoration

We know that experiencing a flood at your home or business is an extremely stressful situation. We’re here to help you with all of your
water damage restoration needs.

What do to if you have a flood

• Evacuate if necessary
• Call Force 1 Restoration
• Provide as much information as possible
• We will arrive quickly and get right to work

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