Fire Damage to your Home or Business?

A fire can strike at any moment, when it’s least expected. Fires can cause serious damage to your home, but if they’re extinguished in time, your space can be restored. Our fire damage restoration service brings your property back to its pre-fire state.

Fire Damage Services

We’ve been trusted with some of the largest mold & water cleanup jobs in the area.


Anything that is not salvageable after a fire will need to be removed from the property. This includes furniture as well as drywall, flooring, and more. This will protect your property and allow us to restore it properly.


Smoke removal is one of the most important steps in fire damage restoration. We strip your foundation down to the bones in damaged areas and rebuild it to ensure that there is no smoke damage left behind.


Removing odors after a fire is one of the most difficult steps of a fire damage restoration project, which is why it’s so important to hire a professional. We use industry-grade technology to prevent future air quality issues.


After a fire, you may have exposed and open spots in your ceiling, windows, or siding. These will need to be boarded up and tarped to prevent further exposure to the outside elements which can cause mold and water damage.

Allow Us to Handle Your Fire Damage

We know that experiencing a fire at your home or business is an extremely stressful situation. We’re here to help you with all of your
fire damage restoration needs.

What to do if you have a fire

• Call 911
• Allow the fire department to put out the fire
• Immediately after, call Force 1 Restoration
• We will arrive quickly and get right to work

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