What Should You Do If Your Basement In Glastonbury, CT Floods?


Flooded basements in Glastonbury, CT can be a nightmare. Excessive rain, a water heater leak, or even a random pipe burst can cause your basement to flood. Regardless, as a property owner you need to know what to do in case it does happen. Immediate action is good, but knowing the exact steps are even better!

Don’t let lack of knowledge cause your home expensive and even irreparable damage from flooding.  Learn what steps you should take you experience a basement flood. Otherwise, your home, valuables, and the very foundation of your home are likely to be destroyed.

A Flooded Basement in Connecticut

What Steps Should You Take If Your Basement Floods?

If your basement gets flooded, the first thing you need to do is call the flood damage cleanup experts. While we’re on the way, time is of the essence. You need to take several precautions to ensure your family members, property and belongings are safe.

Even if your basement is flooded by a quarter-inch of water, you should take these actions in-order to minimize flood damage to your property in Glastonbury.

Turn Off the Electric and Gas

This is the very first step you should undertake. If the basement gets flooded, there are increased chances of getting electrocuted and for gas leaks to happen. It’s very important to make sure the circuit breaker is in an accessible spot, to avoid not be able to access it during disasters. Worse comes to worse just completely shutoff the power to the property.

Remove and Cleanup as Much Water as You Can

With power off, It’s time to cleanup and dry out as much as you can before the professionals get here. When doing this personal safety is the most important priority. While cleaning the flooded basement watch out for debris, including sharp glass, and slippery steps. Make sure you wear gloves and wash and dis-infect your hands as much as possible .

Check for Signs of Mold Growth and Spores

When checking for mold, you’ll want to wear gloves, goggles, and n100 mask. Once the entire area gets dry, you need to check thoroughly for mold growth. Mold will should not develop if you have acted within 48 hours quickly to remove water from the basement area. You may locate their growth by smelling or seeing them after a couple of days.

Rescue Your Most Valuable Items

The most important priority when it comes to flooded basements is your safety. Depending on the severity of the flood will determine if you have enough time to recover your belongings. In the case you can recover your stuff from the flooded basement, you should follow these tips to maximize restoration.

  • Air-dry
  • Handle with care
  • Clean Gently
  • Take and salvage photos
  • Prioritize what you can take

Basement Flood Prevention Tips

Every person values his property and feels a proud owner. But if your basement is prone to get flooded with water, then it is necessary to take some proactive steps to prevent it. This can be a cumbersome task, however, has to be done to protect your family, pets, belongings, and house. Remember, a damp house will only mean weakening the foundation.

Identify the source of the problem that is causing water to accumulate in the basement. To determine water entering the basement area, perform a hose test surrounding the house. You may also contact a reliable waterproofing professional to identify the issues.

Remember, basement flooding could occur due to various reasons. If you come across cracks appearing in the floor or walls, then seal them properly with a waterproof foundation. You may also consider fixing or installing sump pumps as well as replacing mortar over a stone foundation.

You can also safeguard your home by implementing other techniques like:

  • Elevate ductwork and furnace.
  • Move utilities, electrical work, and systems above.
  • Use good quality, reliable, water-resistant materials to cover all exterior walls.
  • Include flood walls around access points and basement windows.

Who Should You Seek Assistance From in Glastonbury When Your Basement Floods?

If this is your first basement flood, then it’s pretty natural to panic and not know what to do.

One thing we can tell you for sure it avoiding it is NOT the way to go. Ignoring the water in your basement will make it worse. After a couple of days, the stagnant water will become murky and lead to the growth of mold, insects, and other harmful germs. It will also destroy all the belongings kept in the basement area, including the foundation of your valuable home.

You may be interested in tackling smaller flood situations on your own. If so, then you will have to visit the local hardware store to rent the equipment.
We highly recommend contacting a professional water damage company. They are experts in their respective domains and can help tackle floods effortlessly.

Call Force 1 Restoration Services For Quick & Fast Flooded Basement Cleanup

Following the steps above will prevent further damage from occurring from a flooded basement. In case you have any doubt or feel confused, contact a reputed basement flood cleanup and repair company. Our company is the #1 basement flood cleanup company in Glastonbury and nearby cities in Hartford County, CT.

  • 24/7 Immediate Response
  • IICRC Licensed Technicians
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Call and our team can assist you in eliminating accumulated water, dry the entire area and prevent your basement from flooding again.

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