Why Do Hartford County Buildings Require Structural Drying After Water or Flood Damage?

After a property has been exposed to water damage as a result of flooding, leaky roof, bursting faucets, melting snow, heavy rains, or any other large mass of water, the property will require rapid structural drying services. Structural drying ensures that there is no significant water damage that could weaken the structure of the building.

Just as the term describes, structural drying is the process of removing moisture from a building. The focus is the structure of a building that has been subjected to water damage.

west hartford rapid structural drying service equipment

For effective drying, you need to use the appropriate tools and equipment such as dehumidifiers and air movers. The equipment helps remove the excess moisture trapped within the structure and materials of the building, such as ceiling, drywall, carpets.

The pockets of moisture trapped in the building structures may cause rot within the structural beams, thereby weakening the building. Additionally, the trapped moisture may provide a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Therefore, it is important to reach out to a licensed structural drying contractor in West Hartford, Glastonbury, or South Windsor as soon as your property is exposed to water damage.

Get in touch with one of our experts, and we will show you the next step to take towards structural drying.

Our Licensed Team Follow The 4 Principles of Rapid Structural Drying

We use four principles during our rapid structural drying services to ensure that we restore the property to its original form. The principles have been are backed by science for the best results. The four principles of structural drying include:

Water Extraction

This is the removal of still standing water from the premises so that the rest of the building can dry up properly.


This is the removal of moisture from the atmosphere using high-velocity air movers. Dry air will provide for more effective structural drying.


It involves extracting any remaining vapor from the air after drying the rest of the building structures. The remaining moisture may cause mold to form on the structures, hence it is removed using dehumidifiers.

Temperature Control

During temperature control, we ensure that the atmospheric temperature within the building is regulated so that the dehumidifiers can work effectively as the building continues to dry.

Our Step-by-Step Rapid Structural Drying Process

Structural drying is a procedure that requires several steps and stages to complete the process successfully. Here is a breakdown of the structural drying steps we take here at Force 1 Restoration.

structural water damage assessment

Step #1: Water Damage Assessment

After you get in touch with us, one of our water damage contractors will pay a visit to your property to analyze the full extent of the water damage.

Step #2: Dry-out Planning

Once the site has been assessed, we will come up with a water damage plan that will restore the integrity of your building’s structure. The restoration plan will depend on the amount of water damage as well as the type of water damage. Blackwater damage warrants us to use extreme structural restoration methods like removing and replacing the entire contaminated structure.

Step #3: Removal of Standing Water

After we create a restoration plan, we proceed to remove any standing water from the property using state-of-the-art water extraction equipment. Our water extraction team is experienced and well trained to extract all standing water from the property.

Step #4: Structural Dehumidification

This step involves removing moisture from the air using dehumidifiers. Dry air will allow the building structures to dry rapidly in the absence of moisture in the atmosphere.

Step #5: Control The Temperature of The Internal Building

Once moisture is extracted from the air, we will ensure that the temperature within the building is maintained between 20 and 32 degrees so that the dehumidifier and other structural drying equipment can work properly.

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Wondering why work with Force 1 Restoration Services? Well, we accept insurance from different firms to ensure that your property is restored after water damage. Additionally, we allow third-party financing so that everyone that needs access to structural drying services can afford them. And we do not charge any deposit for emergency inspections!

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