Damage Restoration Steps You Can’t Miss (Without Paying for It Later)


Damage restoration before and after on a living space wall.

Paying for service in case there is a problem that needs to be solved at all costs is sometimes the wisest decision. Just contact a professional and have them tackle the issue for you. Easy!

An issue arises when a simpler solution could have been taken before the problem escalates. Generally, these solutions are nothing but preventive methods. Instead of paying for damage restoration later, why not take action and prepare yourself before the problem arrives? Here’s what you can do.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire, as essential as it is to run our daily lives, can turn disastrous and destroy everything in a matter of a few minutes if not handled with caution. As long as one maintains security measures, no fire will threaten your home or family.

There are several steps to prevent a fire:

·  Allow heaters to have their free space. Keep it away from animals, children, or any object that could burn. It is better to place heaters on non-flammable surfaces, like the floor.

·  Turn off portable space heaters when leaving a room

·  Never leave while the oven is on.

·  We also encourage you not to use candles when the lights go off. In this modern era, we are lucky to count on the help of cell phone flashlights, regular flashlights, and rechargeable lights. These are more secure than any candle since they don’t present any danger.

·  Keeping with the electrical power problems, we recommend disconnecting and unplugging every appliance or electronic device during a power cut. After all, when electricity returns, the spark can damage the equipment.

If a fire has already occurred, begin by ventilating the space. The smoke is also a threat to you and your family, so avoid it at all costs. Opening windows and doors should be enough.

Then, avoid plugging in electronics. Perhaps plugging in a device could generate another fire. It is better to count on the help of professionals before regretting the decision.

Last, throw out any material that has been contaminated by fire. These include foods, species, and opened containers.

Water Restoration

When a pipe bursts, the leak can either damage your walls and ceiling or completely flood your house. It can be a terrifying scenario, but here we’ll mention how you can prevent it.

Begin by checking the water pipes. Time is one of water pipes’ biggest enemies since pipes tend to wear out and fail. If they are too old, they will probably fail. In case you find a small leak, seal it immediately.

Now, if water has already damaged your home, here’s what you need to do:

The first step is to dry everything out. After all, water develops dampness and mold in the walls or the ceilings quickly. Mold is unhealthy, so try to get rid of it as soon as possible. Inspect every area of your house to find these agents and disinfect them with bleach.

A word of advice: Be careful with mold. Sometimes, these germs are toxic, so it is wise to count on the help of professionals to do the job for you.

Other Solutions

One of the wisest decisions to take is to count on a reputable and qualified company. At Force 1 Restoration, we take our job seriously to provide the best outcome. We offer a wide range of restoration services in Hartford, Connecticut. We can handle fire restoration, water restoration, and mold removal assertively.

Besides, you can count on us for reconstruction services to rebuild your home, building, or office after a disaster has occurred. With our help, you’ll have everything restored in the blink of an eye so that you can get back on track as soon as possible.

Force 1 Restoration is Connecticut and Massachusetts’s preferred water, fire, and disaster restoration company. Call us at 1-860-289-0417

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