When is Biohazard Cleanup Needed?

Biohazard cleanup is necessary when biohazards are present in your home. This could be blood, waste, or chemicals. Biohazard cleanup will be necessary from a professional if you experience a death, sewage backup, or chemical spill at your home or business.

Biohazard Services in Eastern Connecticut

We’ve been trusted with some of the largest biohazard cleanup jobs in the area.


It’s very important to hire a professional for sewage cleanup to ensure you don’t get sick. We use hazmat suits and specialized technology during our sewage cleanup process, with no trace left behind.


When you have a chemical spill at your property, you should evacuate immediately in case there are toxic fumes present. When our team of specialists arrive, we will diagnose the problem and remove the chemicals properly.


Our top priority is always to leave your home looking the way it did before the biohazard was present. That includes ensuring the property is safe from toxic fumes and waste. We sanitize and clean all surfaces before exiting.


Biohazards must be cleaned and disposed of properly to prevent sickness. We know all the proper procedures to ensure that biohazard waste won’t leave a harmful, lasting effect on your property, family, or employees.

Allow Us to Handle Your Biohazard Cleanup

We know that experiencing a biohazard at your home or business is an extremely stressful situation. We’re here to help you with all of your
biohazard cleanup needs.

What to do if you have a Biohazard

• Evacuate if necessary
• Call Force 1 Restoration
• Provide as much information as possible
• We will arrive quickly and get right to work

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